Adler's Voice

Nine-year-old Adler Utzman lives with a combination of symptoms and conditions, including cerebral palsy, speech apraxia, and a sensory integration disorder. The mix of symptoms make Adler's condition unique and difficult to understand – some of the characteristics and nuances he displays lead people to think he's autistic, though he isn't. Few of Adler's disabilities are visible and he appears to be a fairly typical kid from the outside.  Adler can only speak a few words and will make other noises and sounds. 

No one knows exactly what goes on inside Adler's mind. His parents and teachers sometimes struggle to relate and wonder: How much does he understand and what kind of possibilities exist for him? Adler recently started using an iPad in order to help him communicate and learn. His family hopes the technology will help Adler begin to express himself so he can better communicate with the outside world.

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